Personal Use and S4O TOU

© 2014 Dodie V. Sarchet-Waller. All Rights Reserved.

Thank you so much for purchasing/downloading this item/freebie from me! I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed creating it. Please don’t hesitate to drop me an email if you should have any questions! Thanks!


  • Make gifts for family and friends (final product must be flattened).
  • Alter size, colour, etc. to suit your design projects, but not with the intent of resale as individual pieces!
  • Submit projects for publication (please credit “A Little Giggle Designs”).
  • Make one copy of this set for backup purposes only, but not with intent to redistribute.


  • Create items derived from any part of my items for resale.
  • Claim the original graphic as your own.
  • Earn money in any way using my items, except S4O (see below).
  • Redistribute ANY of my graphics in ANY form.
  • Share my products with anyone.
  • Alter graphics and claim them as your own.  You may not take any part of these graphics and add them to your own graphics and claim the resulting graphic as your own.
  • Remove any notice of copyright included in the graphics/content.

“Dodie Sarchet-Waller” (A Little Giggle Designs) shall not be responsible under any circumstances for any loss or damages resulting from the use or inability to use products provided.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at algiggledesigns{at}gmail{dot}come

If you do get published using any of my items, please credit “A Little Giggle Designs”.
It would also be lovely if you let me know so I can thank you! Seriously! I’m new at this and would LOVE to see what you’ve done with my stuff!
While credits for posting on your blog and in online galleries such as DST are always appreciated, they are not required. I know how annoying they can be =)

You may use my items in your Scrap For Others small business; however, the final product should be flattened before giving it to your client and you should not claim any of my items as your own.

Special thanks to Bannerwoman for her contribution to creating my TOU!