I’m Back With Some Layouts!

Angry Kiki Layout

Leaning Layout

Credits: Captivated Visions – Fantasia Collections Bundle. Font by DJB Poppyseed

Special Layouts

I really did have the most fantastic week! I didn’t think anything would top last week, but this week did!

I have been looking for my one of my most special students for a few years now. Never in a million years did I think we would ever lose contact, but then life happens! Anyway, I found her last week (amazing story! true miracle!) and I met up with her this week. She’s fabulous and has done so well with her life even though she has serious hurdles to overcome. I’m SO proud of her!

Then and Now

Credits: ‘Back Off’ kit by Captivated Visions and Laura Banasiak. Font: DJB Angel Baby



Credits: ‘Boy Oh Boy’ kit and Alphabet by Captivated Visions and Lyndsay Riches. ‘All Stacked Up Cluster’ from Vol. 6 by Captivated Visions. Font: FG Jamine 2


I'm Sorry!

CREDITS: ‘Bohemian Blues’ kit by Captivated Visions. Fonts: DJB Jenna and DJB Angel Baby.

Layouts for This Week

Here are a few of the layouts I did this week. I really did have the most EXCELLENT week! I have been looking for one of my favourite students that I taught 10 years ago (I’m young, still in my early thirties – can’t believe I have students I taught 10 years ago!!!). Anyway, I love her dearly and am so pleased I found her! A colleague of mine found her for me (we worked together at the same school) WOOT! And I contacted her through Facebook. Here is what she posted on her wall (in addition to the most lovely messages!)…

“Very very very happy about having contact again with my beloved primary school english teacher!!!! We haven’t met for over 10 years!!! Always love u my Ms Sa”

It’s weeks like this week that make teaching worthwhile!


Credits: ‘Forever Friends’ kit by Captivated Visions. Font: Pea Amy*Rica Script



Credits: ‘Dreaming of Spring’ kit by Captivated Visions and Studio Flergs. Template from ‘My Words Only Templates Vol. 2’ by Captivated Visions. Font: DJB Poppyseed (Jewel on preview)

My Layouts This Week


Sexy Secret Santa


Another Layout

Credits: ‘Bohemian Blues’ kit by Captivated Visions. Font: LainieDaySH (1st layout) and DJB Tweenybopper (2nd layout).

My Latest Layouts

Here are a few of my latest layouts. I wish I had more time to do them!

Ok, the following layouts are all from Captivated Visions using all her new releases!

Scared of Heights Layout

Covent Garden Layout


Here is my latest layout from Dunia Designs. This was the first time I’ve done a Year in Review and LOVED IT! I think I may have to go back and do a 2008 and 2009 Year in Review!

My 2010 Year in Review Layout


Well, that’s it for this week!

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Another Layout Friday

Hmmm, another Layout Friday? This just might become a habit =)

Here’s one layout using a layered template from Captivated Visions’ set entitled Inspired by Stephanie. The kit I used is Lil Spooks from SuzyQScraps.

CKY Trio

The next one is using another layered template from Captivated Visions – Inspired by Mycau, and I used the Lil Spooks kit again ’cause it’s just so stinkin’ cute!


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I’m a Certified Digital Designer!

I did it! I took Jessica Sprague’s “Art of Digital Design” class, submitted my design portfolio, took the exam, held my breath for a few months and checked my email today and found this certificate waiting for me! Woot! I am now a “Certified Digital Designer”! (check back later, there’ll be a blog train with my first mini kit available for free!).

AoD Certificate

I want to say a huge thank you to both Jessica Sprague who taught the class and Carina Gardner who reviewed my portfolio (and taught one week of class). It was a fabulous class and I’m so pleased I was one of the first students to take it. Fabulous experience and I’m sorry it had to end. It was so well presented, so practical and so thorough! They covered everything in depth. And I am so relieved I passed!

Well, that’s it from me! Check back soon – my blog train mini kit will be up soon!



Sneak Peek!

Well folks, the Jessica Sprague Certified Digital Designer Blog Train, Scrap, Scrap, Scrap!, is almost ready to begin! Yay! So, what better way to whet your appetites than to give you a Sneak Peek of my mini kit =) So… here it is!

Sneek Peek!

It’s a mini kit with 5 papers and 7 unique elements! I LOVE the colours used and can’t wait to scrap with it myself!

So… did I get you curious? If I did, come back on Thursday when the Blog Train begins!



I Have a Design Name!

I have finally finished my Jessica Sprague Certified Digital Designer course – exam done and portfolio submitted and returned with great feedback! Woot!

During the course I had to decide if I was going to stick with my boring design name, “Dodie’s Designs” or pick something more fun. It took me a few months and I just couldn’t come up with a name I liked. Finally I gave up and figured I’d leave it as is.

But it kept nagging at me, especially as I was about to switch servers and wanted to pick a domain name that fit my design name. After a little more thought, and numerous pages of potential design names written in lists upon lists, one name kept coming back to me. And then one day I thought, “I like that design name!”. May seem simple, but trust me, when you’re waiting for something to click, it’s a nice thought!

So, I submitted it with my portfolio to Carina Gardner and thought I’d wait to hear back from her before making anything permanent. I heard back from her last week with my portfolio and in her words, she thought my design name was, “Stickin’ Cute!”. Whew! Infact, it was a huge ‘Whew’ because I had already paid for a new domain name, www.alittlegiggledesigns.com – yup – that’s my new design name, “A Little Giggle Designs”.

I think it reflects what I am and what I strive to be as a designer. I’m only beginning and may never make it as I am simply too busy… but I have a goal and will work towards it slowly – a design name I like is the first step.

Anyway, here’s my new logo, which I’m not 100% sure on – but it’ll do for now…

A Little Giggle Designs

Hope you like it! And wish me luck in the world of designing!


Blog Train Coming!

Kelly over at Simply Kelly Designs is organizing a blog train that includes me and 9 other JessicaSprague.com Certified Digital Designers. The train will run from October 14 – 18, 2010. Each designer is giving away a mini kit on a subject that no one can say not to…  scrapbooking! Each designer will also host a contest to win a full kit AND {drumroll…} one lucky person will win a full kit from all 10 designers! WOOT! As this will be my first blog hop, I’m SUPER excited!!!

Come back here on October 14 to hop on the train!

Blog Train Coming!