New Releases | {Make a Wish} Bundle

A super quick post to show you my {Make a Wish} release with a coupon (I didn’t say ‘latest’ because it was actually released a few months ago but I completely forgot to post this when it released!)

Ok, so here it is, {Make a Wish}. The kit comes complete with patterned papers, solid papers, elements and an alpha. If you want more you won’t be disappointed. There is also a bundle with two sets of wordart, journal cards and masks. So what are you waiting for? Go snag it from my store (and use the following coupon and get the bundle for 50% off until 1 March 2014!).

COUPON CODE: gd-wish50

Ah, but some of you want to see more? No prob. Here are the previews. Enjoy!

Make a Wish Kit and Bundle by A Little Giggle Designs Digital Scrapbooking

Make a Wish Alpha by A Little Giggle Designs Digital Scrapbooking

Make a Wish Journal Cards by A Little Giggle Designs Digital Scrapbooking

Make a Wish Masks by A Little Giggle Designs Digital Scrapbooking

algiggled_makeawish_wordart1_preview algiggled_makeawish_wordart2_preview


I also released a set of wood elements that would fi almost any layout they are so versatile and who doesn’t love wood! Use the gd-wish50 coupon to grab this set at 50% off until 1 March 2014, too!

Just Wood Elements No1 by A Little Giggle Designs Digital Scrapbooking


Ready for more? Check out my Facebook Fanpage by clicking on the preview below for a chance to win my latest bundle, {BoysBoysBoys}. Here’s a sneak preview:)

{Boys Boys Boys} Digiscrap Kit Sneak Peek by A LIttle Giggle Designs

Thanks for reading. Have a great week everyone!



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My Dad Laughing

My Dad Laughing
Credits: {In the Stacks} kit by Sanko Studio ~ Fonts: Adler and MTF Sweetie

Here is my first layout for the most wonderful Sanko Studio. I love her style and the {In the Stacks} kit was so easy to use. I decided to do a simple layout as the memory is so strong it doesn’t need much to bring it all back.

This is a photo of my dad laughing! We were on a boat going down the Ganges River in Varanasi, India. It was incredible! We drove into town early in the morning, just before sunrise, and got some amazing photos. We then took a boat ride down the river to the area that has the funeral pyres. You see it on National Geographic and in magazines, but when you go there and see it for yourself it is very different. It almost doesn’t live up to your expectations… and then you take a look at the photos you took and you are amazed.

I love India and try to visit every year. If you’ve never been, you must put it on your list of things to do!



GDS Designer Contest 2012 – Round 2


GSD Designer Contest - Round 2

I can’t believe we’re onto Round 2 of the 2012 GDS Designer Contest already! Last week saw me creating a mini-kit and an alphabet using a lovely muted colour palette and a theme of my own choice. If you missed the result, check out my post HERE to grab the mini-kit and alphabet.



For Round 2 we have to create a mini-kit using a colour palette of 6 colours taken from the photo below. The theme is something on our own “Bucket List”. I had never even heard of the term ‘Bucket List’ before this competition, so it took me a while to figure it out! Anyway, our palette photo is below. Lot’s of colour choice!

GDS Designer Contest Color Palette

This time round we have to create 15 elements and 6 papers and deadline will be the same – Thursday lunchtime my time. Check back by then for a link to the kit.

Have a great day everyone!


GDS Designer Contest 2012

GDS Designer Competition Round 1 Badge

Get ready… I have signed up for the GDS Designer Context 2012! Woot! I can’t believe I am doing it, but I am having a LOT of fun! Stay tuned for lots of freebies in the weeks to come:)


For Round 1 we have to create a mini-kit using the palette below (which I love!)

GDS Designer Competition Palette

We have to create 10 elements and 5 papers and deadline is coming up super fast! Thursday lunchtime my time. Check back by then for a link to the kit.

Have a great day everyone!


I’m Back With Some Layouts!

Angry Kiki Layout

Leaning Layout

Credits: Captivated Visions – Fantasia Collections Bundle. Font by DJB Poppyseed

Special Layouts

I really did have the most fantastic week! I didn’t think anything would top last week, but this week did!

I have been looking for my one of my most special students for a few years now. Never in a million years did I think we would ever lose contact, but then life happens! Anyway, I found her last week (amazing story! true miracle!) and I met up with her this week. She’s fabulous and has done so well with her life even though she has serious hurdles to overcome. I’m SO proud of her!

Then and Now

Credits: ‘Back Off’ kit by Captivated Visions and Laura Banasiak. Font: DJB Angel Baby



Credits: ‘Boy Oh Boy’ kit and Alphabet by Captivated Visions and Lyndsay Riches. ‘All Stacked Up Cluster’ from Vol. 6 by Captivated Visions. Font: FG Jamine 2


I'm Sorry!

CREDITS: ‘Bohemian Blues’ kit by Captivated Visions. Fonts: DJB Jenna and DJB Angel Baby.

Layouts for This Week

Here are a few of the layouts I did this week. I really did have the most EXCELLENT week! I have been looking for one of my favourite students that I taught 10 years ago (I’m young, still in my early thirties – can’t believe I have students I taught 10 years ago!!!). Anyway, I love her dearly and am so pleased I found her! A colleague of mine found her for me (we worked together at the same school) WOOT! And I contacted her through Facebook. Here is what she posted on her wall (in addition to the most lovely messages!)…

“Very very very happy about having contact again with my beloved primary school english teacher!!!! We haven’t met for over 10 years!!! Always love u my Ms Sa”

It’s weeks like this week that make teaching worthwhile!


Credits: ‘Forever Friends’ kit by Captivated Visions. Font: Pea Amy*Rica Script



Credits: ‘Dreaming of Spring’ kit by Captivated Visions and Studio Flergs. Template from ‘My Words Only Templates Vol. 2’ by Captivated Visions. Font: DJB Poppyseed (Jewel on preview)

My Layouts This Week


Sexy Secret Santa


Another Layout

Credits: ‘Bohemian Blues’ kit by Captivated Visions. Font: LainieDaySH (1st layout) and DJB Tweenybopper (2nd layout).

Layout Friday is Here!

I’m loving Dunia’s stuff! Here’s another layout using her fun kit, ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’. It’s not my usual style, but it holds an important memory! Having said that, it was featured on the Gallery Standout Blog so I was over the moon! Made my day =) Thank you!

What Might Have Been...

Credits: ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ by Dúnia Designs and Studio Basic. Fonts: Corbel and Amelie

I’ve only been back a week since travelling for 3 weeks and I am exhausted! I am so tired all day and then wide awake at night! Can’t sleep. I would love to be using more of Rachel’s kits from Captivated Visions as they are divine, but I’m so tired I can’t get the energy! Even so, I did make the following layout yesterday using her new mini kit, ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’ and a template for her set ‘Captivated by Melissa – Layered Templates’. To be honest, I don’t even think I’m finished yet, I may tweak it a bit more at the weekend!

At the Eiffel Tower with Jenn

Thanks for stopping by!


The Dreaded Photoshop Pen Tool

I have totally and utterly ignored the Photoshop and Illustrator pen tools. There was no need to make my life miserable trying to attempt using them! That all changed once I started to design. I would then look at the pen tool and admire people who could use it. No tutorial I ever took helped me understand it and I would just get more and more frustrated with it and give up.


This has now ALL changed, thanks to a tutorial I stumbled upon quite by accident. This has REVOLUTIONIZED my use of Photoshop and I thought I would share it with everyone, just in case there was anyone else out there like me! The tutorial is called, “Photoshop’s Pen Tool: The Comprehensive Guide” and it’s title is SO accurate! By the time you finish this quick tutorial you will be able to use the Pen Tool – you’ll still need lots of practice, but it will MAKE SENSE!!!


OK, so here is a screen shot of the tutorial. It’s basically a Photoshop file (so you’ll need Photoshop to run it) and when you open it you’ll need to zoom in closer so you can see the first letter clearly.

Photoshop Tutorial

It should look something like this. As you can see, it takes you step by step through how to create the letter P using the pen tool. You follow the directions and you’ll be able to do it super fast! It took me around 30 minutes. Once you do all the letters a few times, try clicking the instruction off and try doing it with just the coloured dot markers to help you. Then, try to do it without any markers! You’ll be amazed how fast you pick it up!

Tutorial Close-up

If you’re interested, head over to the tutorial site HERE and download it. You won’t be sorry! You will need Photoshop to use it. I should also mention that after you have tried out the Photoshop Exercise File, head back to the website as the author has included a LOT more information regarding the pen tool after the download – this will be most useful for you when you done the tutorial exercise file first!

Illustrator Tutorial

There is also a similar tutorial for Illustrator HERE by the same author and is very similar to this tutorial, except designed for Illustrator. The way the pen tool works in Photoshop and Illustrator is apparently slightly different. This is lost on me as I’m still learning how to use them!

Illustrator Tutorial Close-up

If you found the above tutorials useful, you may also find the “Illustrator Pen Tool Exercises” from Veerle’s Blog interesting. Very similar type exercises designed for Illustrator.

Illustrator Pen Tool Exercises

Well, that’s it from me today. Hope it was helpful!

Have a great weekend everyone!