iPhone App Review: Project 365

iPhone App Project 365

Since geting my iPhone I’ve been exploring the world of apps – specifically apps related to my photography and scrapbooking. I looked for reviews on some of the apps, but couldn’t find many, so I decided to do a few simple reviews myself for other scrapbookers who may be interested in getting these apps!

So, here is my first review and I’ve chosen to review: Project 365.

Project 365 is a simple app and very easy to use. It adopts a calendar view (no other views available) and allows you to either take a photo to place in the calendar or import a photo from your Camera Roll. You begin with a blank calendar (shown below).

Blank Calendar

To add a photo you simply tap a date and this allows you to import a photo from your iPhone library or immediately take a photo to use. After you photo has been added it will be shown in the date square.

iPhone App Project 365 Screenshot

It’s so easy it’s foolproof!

Now, as a scrapbooker, I love my journalling and no photo is complete without my personal caption/description! No worries – Project 365 allows you to add a description to each photo by simply tapping the photo and typing! Couldn’t be easier. Your description is not shown on the calendar view, but you can easily read it by tapping on the photo.

So, what else does it do?

I like the fact that you can email the photos or send them directly to your twitter and/or facebook accounts. However, when you do this, your description does not get uploaded and Project 365 includes a link to their app before the link to your pic. Not so cool.

Upload to Twitter

I like most things about this app, except that the calendar is not categorized by year so there are no days of the week included, which means it takes me a little more time to actually figure out which photo goes on what day. The date IS shown when you tap a date and is also included in the description of each photo.

So, how much is it you may be wondering. Well, the free version is free! You can upgrade to Project 365 PRO for 99cents and this includes a few extra features such as backing up your photos online.

The verdict?

It’s a free (or very cheap!) app that works and is great if you are a Project 365 fan. Grab the free version and play around with it – if you like it, upgrade!

The official Project 365 website can be found here: { Project 365 } and their facebook page can be found here: { Facebook }.


Seriously! They appeared overnight!

I kid you not, these buildings appeared overnight!

Hospital Buildings

The story: The Prince of Wales Hospital is the main hospital in the area where I live (btw, I live in Hong Kong). It’s within walking distance of my church and so I drive past it at least one a week. Whenever I’m visiting someone, I always park in the visitor parking lot and have been doing this for as long as I can remember.

Last week I went with my mum to visit someone and as it was a nice day, we decided to walk to the hospital from church. Let me remind you, I drive past this hospital several times a week.

We arrived and walked in through the front gates and would you believe, the above building was sitting where the old visitor parking lot had been. I could have sworn it was there last week! (the parking lot, not the building!). And this isn’t exactly the kind of building you can miss. It’s huge and sitting right next to the road and did I mention it’s huge! I could not believe my eyes. I had to do a double take to make sure I wasn’t imagining it.

So, there we have it – I am clearly not as observant as I thought I was. I missed a huge, enormous building being built and didn’t even begin to notice until I had half walked passsed it.




P.S. Photos taken with my iPhone as I was walking past – not the best of my photography skills! Picture borders are one of my freebies that I thought I would give a go using as clipping masks. I think they came out ok! You can pick up the borders HERE, but you’ll have to wait a while for me to get up the motivation to do the clipping masks. Still can’t believe I missed a huge ol’ building!

iPhone Camera

Ok, so one of the main reasons why I held out getting an iPhone so long was because of the camera – it wasn’t very good compared to my 8.3 megapixel cybershot camera with flash, autofocus, zoom etc. on my Sony Erricson. Sweet phone camera. Anyway, I gave in and got the iPhone and, while the camera is not stella, I’m having fun with it and am slightly impressed with what it can produce!

I was driving home from somewhere a few days ago (possibly church? or lunch with my mum and sister?) and saw a beautiful sky lit with a sinking sun. I whipped out my iPhone and snapped a quick photo. I didn’t even try to hold the camera still. Below is what I caught. Not bad for a wobbly hand, car travelling fast on a highway, with not great light. There’s hope!

iPhone Photo

And on a side note – I live right next to the building below the sun. I get a great view of the Hong Kong skyline!


Resistance is Futile!

Resistance is Futile! That pretty much sums up me getting an iPhone! It was inevitable and I basically caved in a few weeks ago!

Here is the layout I did for my jump into the world of the iPhone!

Credits: ‘Pink Lemonade’ patterned papers, shabby solid papers and elements pack from Captivated Visions!

Fonts: CK Becky and Cochin.

Stay tuned for app reviews specifically geared towards scrapbookers!


I Gave In!

I gave in! The fact that my mum, dad and baby brother ALL have iPhones was one thing – but when we got my mum an iPad for mother’s day last month, I suddenly realized that I had better put in some serious effort to get back up to speed with the world of technology and finally went and got myself a beautiful new iPhone. I know, I know… I should have waited to get the 4G, but then I realized that I then I would have wanted to wait for the 4GS and so on… it’s never ending.

So, I now am the proud owner of a lovely white, 3GS, 32GB iPhone that is looooovely! And I have to admit it, I was WRONG. The iPhone is definitely streets ahead of any other phone I’ve ever had and I know I made the right decision in getting it.

My old phone was a Sony Erricson with an 8.3 mega pixel camera – and the quality camera (or lack of!) is what really made me hesitate getting my iPhone – but with all the camera apps, I’m in heaven!

I have a brand new ifrogz case that is also loooovely! I’ll blog about it soon.

But, for now, I’m content (although I think spending so much time on my new iPhone probably gave me one killer migraine that last over 2 weeks – but well worth the pain for such a loooovely phone!).

I’ve also done a scrapbook layout about it and will post the layout when the kit I used is released by my designer.

Great Phone!


P.S. You know I’m going to have to do a few good iPhone apps for scrapbooking reviews =) There are so many!!! CLICK HERE for my first app review =)

P.P.S. The screen on the iPhone pic – mine! That’s what my screen looked like just before I posted. Gotta make it real =)