Seafood in Hong Kong Photography

Seafood in Hong Kong

Seafood in Hong Kong is wonderful (although I can’t vouch for how unpolluted it is to eat). A place called Sai Kung is one of my favourites and is only a 20-30 minute drive from home. The seafood is still alive (although this doesn’t necessarily make it fresh!) and you get to choose it from huge tanks that sit outside each restaurant.

Most of the seafood restaurants are outdoors on round tables – some overlooking the sea. Lovely. Hong Kong can get really hot and humid so you can opt for a table inside in the air conditioning if you really want to – but sitting outside is so much better!

In a usual meal we usually have crab, shrimp, steamed soy fish, scallops, another kind of seafood that I don’t know the English for (!) and vegetables either sauteed with garlic or steamed. Fruit for dessert. Yummy!

Another plus is that I can take Harry, my dog, with me, so long as I sit outside.

After dinner you can take a walk down the front and wander along the pier or check out the little sampan boats selling seafood, usually caught that day. Before dinner you could even take one of these little sampan boats for a mini fishing trip (not that catching anything is guaranteed *lol*).

I was there a while ago and took a few photos (quickly!) that I decided to make into a PhotoBoard! While I don’t get out there as often as I would like, it’s great when I find the time!



P.S. You can download the template for this PhotoBoard HERE.

Twilight – Gotta Love It!


I love twilight – absolutely love it!

Here’s a photo I took at Disneyland in Hong Kong a few weeks ago. It’s not the best photo (I’ll probably do some photo-shoppping when I have time), but I love the lights, the fire, the reflections in the water and the subject – Tarzan’s Hideaway. I wasn’t able to go over to the Hideaway on this day, but I did a few weeks later and tried to get a few shots from the top of the hideaway – they didn’t turn out great. I still like this one best!

I find that when I am photographing at twilight I get a little stressed as I know there’s a time limit – you can’t stay there for 3 hours working all the angles and trying out different things: you’ve got less than an hour and you have to make every minute count. I’m always late, so this is really difficult for me *lol*.

I’ve still got to practise lots before I finally figure out twilight – but I love trying!



Hong Kong Photography

Hong Kong Rubbish Cart

Hong Kong is a fantastic place to take photos – just so happens I live here and never have the time to take any of those fantastic photos! I do keep my camera with me and a few months ago I was sitting in traffic and saw this photo out the window. I grabbed my camera and quickly took this photo.

I know it isn’t perfect, but it really reminds me of Hong Kong when I was a kid (I’m British but grew up in Hong Kong). The old rubbish cart with the basket, the telephone numbers posted up haphazardly, the railings, the mirrors inbetween the stores. Lots of memories!

I did do some colour adjustment to give it more of a 70s feel and I like the way it came out – not forgetting it was out the window of my car, while in traffic, at dusk!



Seriously! They appeared overnight!

I kid you not, these buildings appeared overnight!

Hospital Buildings

The story: The Prince of Wales Hospital is the main hospital in the area where I live (btw, I live in Hong Kong). It’s within walking distance of my church and so I drive past it at least one a week. Whenever I’m visiting someone, I always park in the visitor parking lot and have been doing this for as long as I can remember.

Last week I went with my mum to visit someone and as it was a nice day, we decided to walk to the hospital from church. Let me remind you, I drive past this hospital several times a week.

We arrived and walked in through the front gates and would you believe, the above building was sitting where the old visitor parking lot had been. I could have sworn it was there last week! (the parking lot, not the building!). And this isn’t exactly the kind of building you can miss. It’s huge and sitting right next to the road and did I mention it’s huge! I could not believe my eyes. I had to do a double take to make sure I wasn’t imagining it.

So, there we have it – I am clearly not as observant as I thought I was. I missed a huge, enormous building being built and didn’t even begin to notice until I had half walked passsed it.




P.S. Photos taken with my iPhone as I was walking past – not the best of my photography skills! Picture borders are one of my freebies that I thought I would give a go using as clipping masks. I think they came out ok! You can pick up the borders HERE, but you’ll have to wait a while for me to get up the motivation to do the clipping masks. Still can’t believe I missed a huge ol’ building!

iPhone Camera

Ok, so one of the main reasons why I held out getting an iPhone so long was because of the camera – it wasn’t very good compared to my 8.3 megapixel cybershot camera with flash, autofocus, zoom etc. on my Sony Erricson. Sweet phone camera. Anyway, I gave in and got the iPhone and, while the camera is not stella, I’m having fun with it and am slightly impressed with what it can produce!

I was driving home from somewhere a few days ago (possibly church? or lunch with my mum and sister?) and saw a beautiful sky lit with a sinking sun. I whipped out my iPhone and snapped a quick photo. I didn’t even try to hold the camera still. Below is what I caught. Not bad for a wobbly hand, car travelling fast on a highway, with not great light. There’s hope!

iPhone Photo

And on a side note – I live right next to the building below the sun. I get a great view of the Hong Kong skyline!