Chalk Arrows *freebie* {CU}

I’m BACK! Woot!!!!

Transferring my blog has been worse than pulling teeth, but it’s done (well, almost done!) and I think I can post freebies again. So, here is a freebie I’ve been holding back because my last host wouldn’t allow me to post anything larger than 15mb. It’s a set of chalk arrows. Included is the following:

  • 11 chalk arrows saved individually (.png)
  • All arrows on one sheet (.png)
  • Photoshop brush file

They are all saved in black but are easy to recolour if you would like!

Chalk Arrows Freebie Preview


If you have a minute, I would really appreciate a comment to let me know the freebies are downloading correctly! I’m having a lot of trouble trying to get it to download, so please, please, please let me know if you are successful or are not successful! Thanks!



Big Flower Brush and 4 Papers {CU} {S4H}

Big Flower Brush & 4 Papers {CU} {S4H} *Freebie*

I sat down and felt like doodling… so I did! The result was one big ol’ flower that looked pretty funky so I decided to keep it. I threw together a few papers and then thought, why not make a freebie out of it! Fun!

So, here you go, another freebie! You’ll get four papers (12×12 – 300dpi etc.), a .png file of the big ol’ flower and a brush file (.abr) for Photoshop/Photoshop Elements users.

I love this flower. It’s so big and so doodley (is that a word?).

All of it is {CU} and {S4H/S4O} friendly.


And… what do you think of the new preview? Hmmm…. not sure if I like it. But I love clean and simply and grey is just divine… Not sure if I like the new logo either. I know I forgot the shadows. Would love your feedback!



Funky Doodles – {CU} {S4O} – Freebie

Funky Doodles

I think you’ve probably noticed by now that I love doodles! Here is another set that I whipped up for a layout I’m doing. After making them I decided not to use them! Typical! They are CU and S4O OK. There are 16 funky doodles that come as .png files along with a .abr brush file for all you Photoshop/Photoshop Elements users.

Anyway, not much else to say except…. enjoy! If you have a minute, it would be lovely to leave a comment – trust me, they are pure motivation =) Thanks!



P.S. If you have any suggestions for freebies that you would like me to make (aka inspiration *lol*), CLICK HERE! I would love to hear what you would like to see me make.

Psst… Thank you for all your lovely comments! They ‘inspired’ me to make a set of solid and patterned papers using this freebie. You can check it out by CLICKING HERE! Thanks again for the comments – they’re so lovely!

Doodled Numbers and Lists {CU} {S4O} – Freeebie

I am in a fantastic class over at Big Picture Scrapbooking called Everyday Adventures with Tami M. Loving it!

I’ve decided to do this class digitally and my first assignment was to make a list of 10 things “Right Where You Are”… and I was “At My Desk” – thus was born a layout about my desk. Now, I wanted a funky way to do the list, do I doodled some numbers to make my list. You know where this is going, right?

I have a freebie! It’s a set of doodled numbers AND a set of lists. They all come as .png files and .abr brush files for Photoshop/Photoshop Elements users. The lists come as numbers only, numbers and short lines and numbers and long lines. To spice things up, there’s a regular set of lists AND a grunge set of lists. Ok, so you get the idea! Hope you’re still with me *lol*.

Everything is the usual 300dpi, large brush files etc. and I’ve decided to make it CU friendly! I’ve been playing around and think I may just have to make a freebie of the numbers with funky patterned paper filling them! We’ll see.

Anyway, I’d love a comment, but no worries if not. If you have any feedback, please let me know – I’m just getting my feet wet with designing now that I have more time and would love to know what works, what doesn’t, and if you have any suggestions!

Doodled Numbers and Lists {CU} {S4H}

Click here to download “Doodled Numbers and Lists” or click on the preview!

EDITED: Just realized that I did this set at 300 pixels/cm – it should be 300 pixels/inch. I’ve resized them so what you’re getting is the normal 300 pixels/inch; however, if you would like the super high quality version (300 pixels/cm), you can grab them by CLICKING HERE! If you would like the regular quality ones (recommended), click the link above or click on the preview.


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Did I mention you can now also TWEET this post – I finally figured out how to add tweet thingys at the top of each post! I hope I’ve done it correctly =) I think you can also click the button at the bottom of the post. Hmm…. this could get confusing!

Anyway, off to sleep. It’s 12:34am and I have to be up early for work tomorrow. Nite e’one!

P.S. I’ve just posted a few extra doodled lists HERE! There’s a quick preview below. Enjoy!

Extra Doodled Numbered Lists

Flower Doodles and Brush Set Freebie – {CU}

Flower Doodles: Click image to download.

I’ve wanted a few flower doodles that had a thicker outline than usual, so decided to make my own. Included are 8 flowers, a leaf, and and apple (just cause I thought it was cute!). They come as .png files and I’ve also made them into brushes for those of you who have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

The best part – they are CU OK! Check out my terms of use (TOUs) by clicking on the link at the top of the page. I’ve included one example I made – it’s like stained glass: it’s semi-transparent. The doodles come as a zipped file that you’ll need to unzip once it’s downloaded onto your computer.

As always, I LOVE your inspiring, motivating, encouraging and downright wonderful comments – but no worries if you don’t have time! All that’s required is a name – you can ignore the email request =)

CLICK HERE to download these straight from my blog!



Months WordArt Freebie

Hi Everyone!

Here’s another quick freebie and then I’m off to Singapore for a week!

I love months! And there are just a couple fonts I adore and so I bought them. It dawned on me that not everyone can afford to buy them, so I bought a commercial license and made 12 WordArt files (.png) of the 12 months of the year and a brush file (.abr) for Photoshop/Photoshop Elements users! This is my all time favourite font to use when stamping the date on a layout! If I have time I’ll also do a set of years.

Anyway, here’s the preview. You can click on the preview or click below it to start the download. Btw, it’s a direct download – no fussy secondary sites. It took me ages to figure out how to do this! =)

Click image to begin download.

CLICK HERE to download it direct from my blog!

As always, comments would be lovely and inspiring and motivating etc. etc., but no worries if you don’t have time!



A WordArt Freebie!

Here you go everyone, a wordart freebie!

Included are 12 wordart phrases all beginning with “Simply”. I’ve included the files as .png files and an .abr (brushes file) for Photoshop/Photoshop Elements users. To spice things up, you’ll also get 3 sets of brackets: silver, chalk and white.

CLICK HERE to download it direct from my blog!

This is one of my very first freebies so I would really appreciate feedback =) If not, no worries!