I have just returned from a trip to India for 8 days where we worked in Katchwaa Christian Hospital, near Varanasi (Ganges River, ghats etc.). I go every year and thoroughly enjoy it! This year I couldn’t get over how much Altab (see child in layout pic below!) had grown. But I heard sad news, his mum had passed away from a heart condition. She was only in her 30’s and it made me wonder whether or not she would have survived had she had all that modern medicine has to offer in the west (Ok, so I’m in Asia, but you get the idea!). It was heartbreaking as he had not been able to pay his school fees for the past few months. And when I say school fees, I mean the $0.50 US per month. Ugh… when I got back I couldn’t buy anything as I was so guilty at paying triple that for a piece of sushi or ten times that much for a Starbucks. We are so out of touch… I am really feeling the need to do a lot more than we are doing. As I have seen posted around Facebook so much the last month, “First world problems are not problems”. I agree.

Back to Altab. He’s 13 years old and has no mum and yet he is always so happy. Smiling. Enjoying life. We should be more like him and we should do more for kids like him. Anyway, I made a layout about this precious young boy using a kit from Sanko Studio called “Contentment”. Very fitting for this layout I think.

Altab - Digital Scrapbooking Layout




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