My Download Links are BROKEN!

Ha…. the joys of moving your blog from one server to another! You approach the task with an enormous sense of dread, you feel like the whole process is  worse than a day at the dentists and then when it’s done you cringe at all the problems you’re encountering….!  { insert scream here *lol*}

So, last week I finally transferred my blog to a new server and it went a lot more smoothly than I thought. It was time consuming, but it worked. I’m not saying there weren’t  few moments when I stood back amazed at how I had previously done things that I now couldn’t even begin to fathom how I had done, but all in all, it wasn’t too bad.

Until a few days ago when I got a comment. Ah, the joys of comments that bring the worst news you could possibly hope to hear…..

Your download links aren’t working!

I’m sure they heard me groan in Siberia! And so it is, my downloads are broken and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get them back. I’ve tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING is working! I will persevere and I promise I will have them all back up and running SOON…. but I’m so frustrated that nothing is working.

Anyway, while you wait, here is my latest layout – I think it looks like Jupiter, and seeing as I had just finished teaching all day on the solar system, I’m sure it was my subconscience deciding that Jupiter needed to appear in my digital scrapbooking!


CREDITS: Everything from ‘Captivated Visions’. Font: Diesel



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