I’ve Got Style!

Here’s my latest layout! Love these pics of my friend’s baby… I couldn’t believe she didn’t even try to take off the sunglasses! She loved them =)

I've Got Style

Credits: Everything from “Captivated Visions”



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  1. Karen says:

    WOW!!!!!!! You are very talented!!! I just stumbled upon your blog and ive been stuck on it for awhile. Just wanted to leave you a quick thanks so much!!!!!! As for inspiration i love multiple photo templates with big medium and small spaces for pics and boy stuff for that lovely age when they are to big for the little boys stuff but not big enough for the teen boy stuff :)

  2. Carolynn says:

    Thanks for the follow! I am glad you found my blog, it is brand spankin’ new. I haven’t even advertised it yet. Thanks for the freebies, I will continue to check back for goodies :) Cute stuff by the way! You can see my other website and blog at http://ilovemyblogmakeover.com/

  3. maia says:

    what a cutie!!!

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