iPhone App Review: Project 365

iPhone App Project 365

Since geting my iPhone I’ve been exploring the world of apps – specifically apps related to my photography and scrapbooking. I looked for reviews on some of the apps, but couldn’t find many, so I decided to do a few simple reviews myself for other scrapbookers who may be interested in getting these apps!

So, here is my first review and I’ve chosen to review: Project 365.

Project 365 is a simple app and very easy to use. It adopts a calendar view (no other views available) and allows you to either take a photo to place in the calendar or import a photo from your Camera Roll. You begin with a blank calendar (shown below).

Blank Calendar

To add a photo you simply tap a date and this allows you to import a photo from your iPhone library or immediately take a photo to use. After you photo has been added it will be shown in the date square.

iPhone App Project 365 Screenshot

It’s so easy it’s foolproof!

Now, as a scrapbooker, I love my journalling and no photo is complete without my personal caption/description! No worries – Project 365 allows you to add a description to each photo by simply tapping the photo and typing! Couldn’t be easier. Your description is not shown on the calendar view, but you can easily read it by tapping on the photo.

So, what else does it do?

I like the fact that you can email the photos or send them directly to your twitter and/or facebook accounts. However, when you do this, your description does not get uploaded and Project 365 includes a link to their app before the link to your pic. Not so cool.

Upload to Twitter

I like most things about this app, except that the calendar is not categorized by year so there are no days of the week included, which means it takes me a little more time to actually figure out which photo goes on what day. The date IS shown when you tap a date and is also included in the description of each photo.

So, how much is it you may be wondering. Well, the free version is free! You can upgrade to Project 365 PRO for 99cents and this includes a few extra features such as backing up your photos online.

The verdict?

It’s a free (or very cheap!) app that works and is great if you are a Project 365 fan. Grab the free version and play around with it – if you like it, upgrade!

The official Project 365 website can be found here: { Project 365 } and their facebook page can be found here: { Facebook }.


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  1. Laser says:

    Thanks for the info re the Project 365 app. I have an iPad and would love to find some scrapbooking apps.

    If you find any more, please share them with us.


  2. Joel says:

    Hi Dodie:

    I dont have an i-phone… but will get one very soon…
    Anyways, thanks


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