PhotoBoard Template 3 *Freebie* {CU} {S4H}

PhotoBoard 2 *Freebie* {CU}

Another PhotoBoard template! These may be simple, but they are super versatile and can be used on your blog or on your scrapbook layouts!

This template is US Letter size and has space for 6 photos. It comes as a Photoshop layered file with optional shadows. You also get the .png files in both 72 dpi (for web) and 300dpi (for print) with and without shadows.

If you’d like to see the original post (all about seafood in Hong Kong – yummy!).




Seafood in Hong Kong Photography

Seafood in Hong Kong

Seafood in Hong Kong is wonderful (although I can’t vouch for how unpolluted it is to eat). A place called Sai Kung is one of my favourites and is only a 20-30 minute drive from home. The seafood is still alive (although this doesn’t necessarily make it fresh!) and you get to choose it from huge tanks that sit outside each restaurant.

Most of the seafood restaurants are outdoors on round tables – some overlooking the sea. Lovely. Hong Kong can get really hot and humid so you can opt for a table inside in the air conditioning if you really want to – but sitting outside is so much better!

In a usual meal we usually have crab, shrimp, steamed soy fish, scallops, another kind of seafood that I don’t know the English for (!) and vegetables either sauteed with garlic or steamed. Fruit for dessert. Yummy!

Another plus is that I can take Harry, my dog, with me, so long as I sit outside.

After dinner you can take a walk down the front and wander along the pier or check out the little sampan boats selling seafood, usually caught that day. Before dinner you could even take one of these little sampan boats for a mini fishing trip (not that catching anything is guaranteed *lol*).

I was there a while ago and took a few photos (quickly!) that I decided to make into a PhotoBoard! While I don’t get out there as often as I would like, it’s great when I find the time!



P.S. You can download the template for this PhotoBoard HERE.

Date Sticks Freebie {CU} Eng & French!

Datesticks Freebie

I don’t speak French! (well, except for the 5 years I did when I was in secondary school! *lol*), but I figured how hard could it be to do my date sticks in English AND *drumroll*… FRENCH! So, I gave it a go and… ‘voila’…. out came a set in French (most of which I actually remembered! Woot!).

SO… today’s freebie is a set of date sticks in English and French (if the French is wrong, please let me know and I’ll change it!).

You get the following:

  • 13 date sticks (I’ve given a Feb with 28 days and a Feb with 29 days for leap years).
  • 6 assorted date markers
  • Each date stick is 10.5 inches tall
  • Everything is 300dpi, .png files, no drop shadows

I had originally planned to offer both in one download, but the downloads were too big and so I’m letting you choose which version you would like to download, the English or the French (or both!).




P.S. If you have a minute, I would really appreciate a comment =) If not, no worries!

iPhone App Review: Project 365

iPhone App Project 365

Since geting my iPhone I’ve been exploring the world of apps – specifically apps related to my photography and scrapbooking. I looked for reviews on some of the apps, but couldn’t find many, so I decided to do a few simple reviews myself for other scrapbookers who may be interested in getting these apps!

So, here is my first review and I’ve chosen to review: Project 365.

Project 365 is a simple app and very easy to use. It adopts a calendar view (no other views available) and allows you to either take a photo to place in the calendar or import a photo from your Camera Roll. You begin with a blank calendar (shown below).

Blank Calendar

To add a photo you simply tap a date and this allows you to import a photo from your iPhone library or immediately take a photo to use. After you photo has been added it will be shown in the date square.

iPhone App Project 365 Screenshot

It’s so easy it’s foolproof!

Now, as a scrapbooker, I love my journalling and no photo is complete without my personal caption/description! No worries – Project 365 allows you to add a description to each photo by simply tapping the photo and typing! Couldn’t be easier. Your description is not shown on the calendar view, but you can easily read it by tapping on the photo.

So, what else does it do?

I like the fact that you can email the photos or send them directly to your twitter and/or facebook accounts. However, when you do this, your description does not get uploaded and Project 365 includes a link to their app before the link to your pic. Not so cool.

Upload to Twitter

I like most things about this app, except that the calendar is not categorized by year so there are no days of the week included, which means it takes me a little more time to actually figure out which photo goes on what day. The date IS shown when you tap a date and is also included in the description of each photo.

So, how much is it you may be wondering. Well, the free version is free! You can upgrade to Project 365 PRO for 99cents and this includes a few extra features such as backing up your photos online.

The verdict?

It’s a free (or very cheap!) app that works and is great if you are a Project 365 fan. Grab the free version and play around with it – if you like it, upgrade!

The official Project 365 website can be found here: { Project 365 } and their facebook page can be found here: { Facebook }.


Doodled Scribbled Alphabet *freebie* {CU}

Doodled Alphabet Freebie

There’s a story behind all my freebies! Here’s the story behind my doodled alphabet.

I did a layout a while back and couldn’t find a doodled alphabet I liked, so I decided to do the title myself. I loved the way it turned out and had a few people ask me where I got the alpha from! So was born the idea of creating an entire doodled alphabet.

All went well until I realized that the letters I has made for this alpha were nothing like the original ones, and I liked the original ones better. Then, after re-doing it all, I realized I had forgotten to expand my selection before scribbling inside each letter – so, if you get a huge magnifying glass, you will see a teeny, tiny space between the scribbles and the outline of each letter. This annoyed me so much that I gave up!

As always happens, I was once again looking for a handmade doodled alpha for a layout I was doing and thought back to this one. After taking 5 minutes to find it on my computer, I realized that it’s actually quite cute, and seriously, no one will notice that itty bitty bit of white space (well, you will now I’ve mentioned it *lol*!). So, it’s out as a freebie for you to play with. No numbers….sorry (I hate when designers don’t include numbers *grin*) – I’ll see if I can get some done to match.

Specs: all .png files, packaged individually and as a whole sheet, 300dpi, A-Z uppercase letters, punctuation and a few fun doodles thrown in just because they’re fun. Besides, does anyone need a reason for extra doodles =)



PhotoBoard Template 2 *Freebie* {CU} {S4H}

PhotoBoard 3

On Monday I made a post about Guernsey and the stunning coastlines that surround this amazing channel island. I used a PhotoBoard and decided to make it into a template incase you want to use it on your own web or in a scrapbook layout.

It is 12×12 inches in size and is a Photoshop file with clipping masks and an optional shadow layer to make it super fast to use.

I’ve also included WEB (72dpi) and PRINT (300dpi) .png versions (holes for photos) with and without shadows.


If you would like to check out the original post, CLICK HERE!



Psst…. If you have time, please leave a comment. They are so motivating! No worries if not. And just to let you know, leaving a comment is super easy – none of the fields is mandatory and there’s no captcha =) And they make me happy!

Extra Doodled Numbered Lists {CU} {S4H}

Extra Doodled Lists Freebie

I made a few doodled numbered lists a while ago and thought it might be fun to offer up a version of the lists with colour – pink perfect for the girls and blue perfect for the boys – or vice versus if you want! Lists seem to be ‘IN’ right now so I’ll try to get a few more lists out to make everyone happy!

I have included the lists with short lines (shown in the preview), lists with long lines and lists with no lines. They are .png files, 300dpi and lots of fun!


If you’re interested in grabbing the original doodled lists, which include an .abr brushes file for Photoshop/Photoshop Elements users, individual numbers and a few versions of brackets, CLICK HERE or on the preview below.

Doodled Numbered Lists


Psst…. if you have a second, please leave a comment -) They really motivate me to keep on designing. Love them! And what’s even better is that ALL of the fields are optional! And no captcha… so it’s stress-free *lol*.

Guernsey Photo Board

Guernsey, C.I. has got to be one of the most gorgeous places on earth! Who needs Photoshop when you have a subject like Guernsey (having said that, even though I didn’t Photoshop the photos below, the fact that the horizon isn’t straight in some of them is still driving me nuts!).

Guernsey Photo Board

I am from Guernsey, originally, and by that I mean that my mother was born there. My life has been in Hong Kong, although I did study in Guernsey for a few months when I was in high school.

As Guernsey is a tiny island, it is surrounded by stunning beaches that are incredible in the summer. My favourite is to go and grab a vanilla cone and enjoy the waves and the wind.

I also adore the Cobo Tearooms that are near a lovely beach. They do the best crab sandwiches and Guernsey beanjar. Fabulous!

Anyway, I decided to make a photo board of a few of my favourite photos of the coast of Guernsey – none has been photoshopped – those are the real blues and greens!



P.S. If you check back in a couple of days, I’ll try to make the template of this PhotoBoard for you as a freebie!

P.P.S. Freebie done! Click HERE to head over to the post where you can pick it up directly from my blog!

My Blog's Wordle

I love wordle (and if you haven’t tried it yet, head over to and give it a go!). I didn’t realize you could do a wordle of your blog, so was super interested when I saw a blog wordle on a random blog I visited. Here’s how it came out (click on it to enlarge).


I’m so surprised by some of the words and some others are pretty obvious. Words such as template, friend, week, email, photo, 300dpi and dodie (my name!) – not surprising. But seriously, where are the words layout, doodle, freebie? I was so sure these would be my top words and, to be honest, I can’t even find them in the tiny print! And where did building, template, facebook and love come from? How many times have I mentioned the word building, or hospital in a post?

So, all in all – Bizarre – but very interesting!

If you haven’t had a go – try it. It’s so much fun! You can change the font, colour scheme (including a custom colour scheme), orientation of the words, how the words appear and more. Love it!


Twilight – Gotta Love It!


I love twilight – absolutely love it!

Here’s a photo I took at Disneyland in Hong Kong a few weeks ago. It’s not the best photo (I’ll probably do some photo-shoppping when I have time), but I love the lights, the fire, the reflections in the water and the subject – Tarzan’s Hideaway. I wasn’t able to go over to the Hideaway on this day, but I did a few weeks later and tried to get a few shots from the top of the hideaway – they didn’t turn out great. I still like this one best!

I find that when I am photographing at twilight I get a little stressed as I know there’s a time limit – you can’t stay there for 3 hours working all the angles and trying out different things: you’ve got less than an hour and you have to make every minute count. I’m always late, so this is really difficult for me *lol*.

I’ve still got to practise lots before I finally figure out twilight – but I love trying!