My bf got his driving license last year (not uncommon to get your driving license in your late 20s/30s in Hong Kong), but only bought a car a few weeks ago. He is now driving a lot more, and expecting me to drive with him! Oh for the love of money is it excruciating! He thinks he’s a wonderful driver and I think he’s risking lives by being on the rode! You can image how stress-free driving with him can be!

Last week he asked why I hadn’t done any layouts of his new car (obviously I have my priorities in all the wrong places!) =) So, I said I would and thus was born the “Driving with Chi is… excruciating!” – not exactly the layout he had been hoping for *lol*.

The photo was taken on the way to Disneyland over one of the bridges we have in Hong Kong. I’m in the backseat and a friend is in the front seat. I’m so lucky to live 20 minutes away from Disneyland as I’m taking a few photography classes and it’s the perfect place for getting all different kinds of photos! I’ll try to post some soon.

And here is the layout!


Credits: ‘Pure’ kit by Captivated Visions. Title: My own using Clementine font. Other font: Carpenter.


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  1. just sarah says:

    hahha… thats funny! Did you show him the layout?

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