Handcut Paper Shape Template *Freebie* {CU}

I got a new iPhone! So, I decided to make a layout about it and in the process made this template. I LOVE the look of rough handcut photos and so couldn’t trash this template when I went a new direction with my iPhone layout (I’ll post about it later!).

This is a layered Photoshop template and was created using CS4, although it will probably work in all versions with no problem, including Photoshop Elements (I’d love feedback on this). It won’t work in any other programs.

The easiest way to insert your photos is to use clipping masks. I will do a tutorial when I have time for people who are not familiar with clipping masks – but trust me… they make digital scrapbooking SO much easier, faster and more fun. What’s more, they’re deceptively simple.

In brief – put the photo you want above the square you want to fit it in. With the photo selected, click Ctrl+Alt+G (Windows)  or Command+Option+G  (Mac).




Big Flower Brush and 4 Papers {CU} {S4H}

Big Flower Brush & 4 Papers {CU} {S4H} *Freebie*

I sat down and felt like doodling… so I did! The result was one big ol’ flower that looked pretty funky so I decided to keep it. I threw together a few papers and then thought, why not make a freebie out of it! Fun!

So, here you go, another freebie! You’ll get four papers (12×12 – 300dpi etc.), a .png file of the big ol’ flower and a brush file (.abr) for Photoshop/Photoshop Elements users.

I love this flower. It’s so big and so doodley (is that a word?).

All of it is {CU} and {S4H/S4O} friendly.


And… what do you think of the new preview? Hmmm…. not sure if I like it. But I love clean and simply and grey is just divine… Not sure if I like the new logo either. I know I forgot the shadows. Would love your feedback!



My Art

I love my art. There are no two ways about it – I love it! And when I say “My Art” I’m not talking about the things I personally paint – don’t think I would actually consider that art… yet! But I’m talking about the art I have chosen to hang on my walls – one in my hallway as you walk in the front door and one in the living room above my couch. The colours of the paintings work, the design is just me, and they are HUGE!

I had an idea of what I wanted (while I left my walls bare for a year!). I had originally decided to do it myself, but just never got around to it. My dad went to China (I live in Hong Kong) and while he was there he saw a few paintings that he liked and thought one of us kids would like for our homes. When he got back to HK I didn’t think anything he had chosen would be close to what I had in mind – but unbelievably they were EXACTLY what I wanted! Colours, style, size – everything!

Now I know they are not everyone’s taste, but they are just perfect for me and I can’t get over how perfect they are and how my dad bought them for me sight unseen.

So, as every scrapbooker does (or should do =) – we scrapbook the things we love – and I love my art! So here’s my layout on my living room painting. Love it! (did I mention that yet *lol*).

My Art

Credits: ‘These Days’ kit by Captivated Visions. Fonts: Carpenter and Courier. Great kit and so easy to use!




My bf got his driving license last year (not uncommon to get your driving license in your late 20s/30s in Hong Kong), but only bought a car a few weeks ago. He is now driving a lot more, and expecting me to drive with him! Oh for the love of money is it excruciating! He thinks he’s a wonderful driver and I think he’s risking lives by being on the rode! You can image how stress-free driving with him can be!

Last week he asked why I hadn’t done any layouts of his new car (obviously I have my priorities in all the wrong places!) =) So, I said I would and thus was born the “Driving with Chi is… excruciating!” – not exactly the layout he had been hoping for *lol*.

The photo was taken on the way to Disneyland over one of the bridges we have in Hong Kong. I’m in the backseat and a friend is in the front seat. I’m so lucky to live 20 minutes away from Disneyland as I’m taking a few photography classes and it’s the perfect place for getting all different kinds of photos! I’ll try to post some soon.

And here is the layout!


Credits: ‘Pure’ kit by Captivated Visions. Title: My own using Clementine font. Other font: Carpenter.


Tiger Layouts

I truly love white tigers and loved having the opportunity to photograph them in Singapore last month. I will have to post some more of my photos, but here are two layouts I made. I love the first one, but don’t like the second one as much.

White Tiger Layout

White Tiger Layout in Sepia

Credits: Everything from Captivated Visions. Great stuff!



12 Lined Papers Notebook Style {PU} Freebie

Lined Paper - Notebook Style - {PU} {S4H} - Freebie

I’ve had a very relaxing, blah weekend and thought I should probably make a freebie to make it somewhat productive! So, here you go  – a set of notebook style lined papers. You’ll get the following

4 – 12×12 papers (jpeg) (2 yellow and 2 white with and without the red margin lines)

8 – various size papers with notebook style holes (png)

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the 12 Lined Papers.

If you have a minute,


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Funky Doodle Papers – {PU} {S4O} – Freebie

Indian/Paisley Inspired Funky Doodle Papers - {PU} {S4H} - Freebie

After creating my last funky doodle freebie, I decided to give creating papers a go! Now, I love my doodles, but am not really into making papers. After having one digi-scrapper suggest it in a post a while back, I thought…. why not?

So, here you go – a set of 12 papers using my funky doodle brushes. There are 6 patterned and 6 solid papers. They are 12×12 and are jpegs – all 300dpi, as usual.

To make them easier to download, I have split them into two downloads: 1 just for the solids and another for the patterned papers.



And if you would like to check out the original Funky Doodle .png files and .abr brushes, CLICK HERE.


P.S. All your lovely comments on my last freebie were so encouraging that they really motivated me to make this freebie! Thank you!

Funky Doodles – {CU} {S4O} – Freebie

Funky Doodles

I think you’ve probably noticed by now that I love doodles! Here is another set that I whipped up for a layout I’m doing. After making them I decided not to use them! Typical! They are CU and S4O OK. There are 16 funky doodles that come as .png files along with a .abr brush file for all you Photoshop/Photoshop Elements users.

Anyway, not much else to say except…. enjoy! If you have a minute, it would be lovely to leave a comment – trust me, they are pure motivation =) Thanks!



P.S. If you have any suggestions for freebies that you would like me to make (aka inspiration *lol*), CLICK HERE! I would love to hear what you would like to see me make.

Psst… Thank you for all your lovely comments! They ‘inspired’ me to make a set of solid and patterned papers using this freebie. You can check it out by CLICKING HERE! Thanks again for the comments – they’re so lovely!