White Tiger in Singapore

I’ve just returned from a quick 4 day trip to Singapore with my mum to relax, relax and basically relax! We stayed at the Four Seasons, which was lovely and only a 2 minute walk from Orchard Road (always good!).

I’m presently take 2 photography classes and am so behind because I had initially planned on going to India to do my assignments – fabulous place to take photos! So when those plans fell through, I decided I would have to make my photography a priority in Singapore. I’ll post a few of my favourite photos when I get time, but couldn’t resist posting a photo of a white tiger I saw.

I should mention that it was POURING rain and I had to wear this huge green raincoat/poncho that was so difficult to work with. It was super humid and my lens kept fogging up even though my camera had acclimatized! I stood for ages trying to get some good shots. I couldn’t use a tripod and the camera was literally dripping wet. The photos didn’t come out brilliant – but MUCH better than I thought they would.

Unfortunately, because it was almost dark and because I didn’t have a tripod, I had to push the ISO up to 1600 and then pray my hand was steady enough for a 1/20 shutter speed (with VR).

I’m glad I got a few photos I like! Nothing wonderful, but good enough!



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