Old Layouts

When I first started to do digital scrapbooking, I used ACDSee. It was cheap, highly recommended, and has a great organisation system. I personally felt I made the wrong decision and should have gone for Adobe Elements – and I finally did! 3 months later I changed, again, to Photoshop CS3 and haven’t looked back since!

But anyway – because I used ACDSee, ALL of my layouts from back then are unavailable to me now. I didn’t save them as JPEGs and I now work on a MacBookPro and, as ACDSee isn’t MAC compatible, I have lost all my layouts until I find a PC, with ACDSee, and save them all as JPEGs.

This has always upset me and I feel like kicking myself for not re-saving them before I switched to my Mac – BUT… this week I found a handful of my old layouts that I could open in Photoshop!!! Yay!!! They are old and so aren’t the best – but I remember even back then trying to design my own items because I could never find the perfect paper or the perfect element! It just seemed so much easier to make it all myself =)

Anyway, I thought I would post them here so I never lose them again! And of course they bring back good memories!

Outside Bella Napoli

Bella Napoli: The Italian Restaurant

CREDITS: No clue! I can’t remember! If you recognise any of this kit, please let me know so I can give it proper credit!

Thank you!


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