My New Avatar

I have a new avatar! Yay!


I love it! It’s made using “Friendly Faces” Paper Pieces by Jacques over at The Lilypad. Yay!

I Can't Work with Templates

I had one of those “hmm….” moments this week. I was trying to use a template. I’ve never tried before and just assumed it would be easier. Wow was I wrong! It was awful! The result was a layout from the 90’s and I didn’t enjoy it at all! I guess I’m just not a template kind of scrapper! I’ll definitely give it a go again sometime in the future – but for now… it’s free-styling for me!

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Finding What You Love!

A few people over the last couple of weeks have commented to me that they think I’m lucky because I have something in life that I love doing.

Interesting thought!

I am passionate about quite a few things and hate not being able to do them every day, all day! But a lot of my friends don’t really love doing anything particular. They go to work, go eat, get home, watch TV, sleep and restart their day. I live to design! I couldn’t imagine how dull life would be without it! So, even though I don’t get to do it as a full time job, at least there is something I am passionate about. Keeps life interesting!

Do What You Love!

Life is too short to do something you don’t love doing! I’ve thought about this a lot lately and wish I could quit my full time job and just design. It’s not possible! But, I do know that if I find the time each and every day to do what I love, then at least part of each day will be consumed with doing what I love. I don’t know what the future holds – but I do know that at least every part of each day I live on this Earth, I will spend some time doing what I love. Maybe one day I’ll be able to do it all day, every day! I love the dream~!


Asian Papers

I’m thinking of doing a few Asian Papers. I live in Hong Kong so why not! A little off topic from my baby kit – but I looking around me I figured it would probably be a great idea! I’ll post a few patterns and maybe a colour swatch soon! I’ll keep you posted!


I’m Designing!

This is it! I’ve finally gotten around to installing my blog! Yay!

So, this is my first blog entry and I don’t have much to say – maybe a few words about what I’m designing at the moment!

It’s a kit for young girls or babies . Should be fun! I love the pink with yellow spotted paper. I’m still trying to get the energy to do the elements – too tired at the moment!

Here is my colour swatch for the kit:


If you’re interested in using this colour swatch, you can download the PSCS3 colour swatch below!

CLICK HERE – Direct download from my blog.

I’ll post a few more previews as I get them done.

I’m having a blast!


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